Editorial Policy

At Gluten Free Disney Food, our mission statement is to make your trip to Disney World while Gluten Free easier and less stress!

To do that, we’ve assembled helpful blog posts on this website, and also visual content on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok and other social media outlets. We’ve also developed a helpful Online Guide book that you can find in our shop, filled with menus, tips and lists to make your vacation simple.

In keeping with our mission statement, we are not showing ads, and will properly display affiliate labels for any links that could earn a commission. We are entirely reader supported!

I curate the content, in person, at Disney World, on my many trips throughout the month. As a born and raised Orlando citizen, I know the parks like the back of my hand, and have a lot of fun visiting, documenting, testing and then sharing that content here with you!

Gluten Free Disney Food commits to:

  • Helpful Content — Content will be clear, direct and useful.
  • Relevant Information — Only Gluten Free and only Disney! Should we need to discuss other topics, we’ll link out to those posts for your convenience.
  • Truthful Representation of Reviews and Experiences — Reviews will not be exaggerated (in pros or cons) for views.

What Gluten Free Disney Food will not cover includes (but is not limited to):

  • Competitors — derogatory comments or views about competitors will not be posted online, unless there is a direct issue with our community. The ‘internet lives forever’ and we have no reason to use this platform for harm.
  • Sensitive Topics — Since we are only covering Gluten Free at Disney, we won’t be sharing views on Sensitive topics (this does not apply to story content, where we may highlight important needs as they relate to social or travel topics)
  • Irrelevant / Off-Brand Topics — we’re only covering Gluten Free at Disney! You can check back here for the latest.